Monday, January 5, 2009

Ring in 2009 with a bang...

Is this a year for renewal? I dont know, you tell me. So far we have had a pretty good year. I get to meet Kelly, my surrogate on the 31st of January! BIG YAY! I cant wait to meet her. I feel like she has been in my life for years. We get along great and have similar interests. We are both kids at heart and love board games. haha. I will kick your butt in Monopoly! haha... When we meet in person, I am so afraid I will have nothing to say!

We have a meeting tomorrow. Someone might buy my Grandmas house. It is a bittersweet feeling. Getting rid of a house you grew up in. So many memories. Great memories. I almost do not want to let it go. I get so attached. I guess I feel like I am going to forget everything that happened in that house. The late night readings from grandpa to put me to sleep. Grandma fixing her famous grilled cheeses for lunch, her famous chuckroast for dinner. Grandpa always read me "Goofy the Gardner".

"I paid the price of my friends advice and worked the jobs I did not like, but now I am working even harder. To be who I am, Goofy the Gardner." I know it sounds cheesy, but I tear up everytime I think of it.

My grandma & grandpa put so many good days and nights together at that house. Everytime I walk around in it, I get goosebumps, like they are there. Watching over me. I wish I got that feeling at my house. I want her spirit to be with me.

SO>>>I need prayers. We just got a call on the Cincinnati house today also. Could 2009 be our year?????? I hope so...
So far everything is running smooth..

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MrsTrish said...

AAAHHHH I just left you the longest comment and it got erased!!! Okay so..... I'm send you a big hug b/c your awsome. Your right you do have your g'ma looking over you. In the early moring or late in the quiet darkness when you feel a sense of calm, peace, and love wash over you thats her. You may not get goosebumps but you can feel her. The really important thing is that all those wonderful memories are right where they should be; in your heart they aren't the house the house is just like a picture reminder of the wonderful memories. Congrats on meeting your Kelly. I know what an awsome person you are so you guys will have alot to talk about. I miss you tons and if you ever want to visit a farm with a bunch of cows look me up sista!!! HUGS