Thursday, October 16, 2008

Been A Few Days!

ahhh...Life in the shoes of me is a very complicated story. I can never seem to be feeling the best I possibly can, I am always tired, and I always have sinus problems. I am just tired of being this way. SOOO... What am I gonna do? WORKOUT! I betcha I will feel tons better. I cant wait.
I bet you cant wait to hear the news? I get to go meet up with a possiblew surrogate mother. She might be reading this and so far, just to let you guys know, she sounds pretty awesome.
I dont know how many of you know the lengths I have gone to be pregnant, until I found out it could be possibly fatal if I do conceive. Sucks huh? Well...
not really. now.
God has made these little angels called surrogates to help out with my certain problem. These women must truly be angels! So thank you lil missy!

OH, other things... I am having a fun party this Saturday. That should be interesting. Although almost noone shows up every time. LOL. Why cant people make a commitment? hahaha

I just got done painting the kitchen. Brown. I wanted it orange boo hoo. I guess if we sell the house and move where we want, which is roomy, a ranch, and lots of acreage....I can hold of on having an orange kitchen. lol...

My whole upstairs is next after the party. Once we sell the Blue Rock (cincinnati, OH) house and Grandma and Grandpas house, we can get moving on starting our family. I am hoping for twins.

If this experience goes well, then we will try again for more children. YAY!

OH! I am going to go blonde! haha big change. My hair is still partially black, with tons of blonde and carmel highlights. I guess they could only fry my hair so much. yikes.

I want to look more motherly. I guess thats what you call it.

But anywho, I'll let you nosey people get back to your lives! hahah Love you all!


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