Monday, October 6, 2008

Journey to Surrogacy!

OK! Some people know and some people dont. Bobby and I are trying to have a baby and have had many unsuccessful attempts. I have 2 genetic disorders. Balanced Translocation and MTHFR. Here is a little about me!

kelly buffington
age: 26 5'3" 125lbsi have lived in indiana pretty much my whole life. i have an awesome boxer (my kid basically) and a maine coon weirdo cat. She milks off of my dog and acts like a dog.I am working on getting my insurance license, i model, and i am a phlebotomist at dearborn county hospital. Which is drawing blood. yummy. hahMy husband is Robert Buffington, he is 28 on oct. 27th. He is an insurance agent for Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio and we have our office with Hummel Insurance open a half a mile away from the house.April 2006, we decided to try and have children. The doctor decided that wih us not using protection, birth control and all for 5-6 years that he should do a semen analysis. His soldiers are great. So we started clomid for 6 months. I conceived 4 times and resulted in miscarriages all times. Heart breaking. I decided to call it quits for a few months, switched doctors because my previous one was a wacko. I have been with my new gyno since and absolutely love him! he tried the whole clomid thing with me and i never got pregnant, tested my TSH, did an HSG (tube check), and did the hormone workup. NOTHING> so he referred me to an RE> Dr. Glen Hoffman at Bethesda Fertility in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Hoffman started me on clomid (that stuff is mean!) and provera to start my period , and did a full fertility blood work up. I was supposed to have an ultrasound on day 14 of my cycle to see if i had eggs developing. He called me in to the office 1 day before to talk with me. Of course he freaked me out. So I went into the office and he told me first off....many women go on to not know the problems concerning their miscarriages and problems. We know what your problem is. I have a balanced translocation with my chromosomes 4 & 8, which are involved with fertility. With that problem alone I have a less than 25% chance of conceiving. Then I have a dangerous blood clotting disorder called MTHFR. You can look up what that is directly... Some crazy long word. If I get pregnant and not know it, I will most likely miscarry, or could have a blood clot kill me, or rupture the placenta at any given time. I would have to go on lovinox shots or heparin shots every day until after 6 weeks I deliver. Talk about a headache. So 2.5 years later...from the beginning. I finally got bobby interested in adopting. My father was adopted and he is Columbian decent. I am half Irish as well. Bobby is german. We were going to put in adoption papers in spring, but I brought up surrogacy, and he was sold. I pretty much want to do this now. We are not going to be financially stable until we sell 2 of our 3 houses. We live in our house that we bought while we owned another house. We rented out our house in Cincinnati, Oh. Our rented got evicted and trashed the house so we are refinishing the house now. We might have a buyer lined up for that. We also inherited my grandma and grandpas house. It is in the process of a buch of showings and we got an offer on it. We have to get the carpet laid and a few other things done before we sell it. I am looking for someone that will be negotiable with fees, only because i do not want to be broke with an infant in the house possibly more. I would love twins.

So that is my story for now...I hope this keeps you all posted for now. I will keep bblogging with my journey through this exciting time!

Thank you all for your love and support!


bri said...

I also have a balanced translocation. Good luck to you!

Jen said...

Have you found a surro. yet? I am currently six months preg. with my first surrobaby (due 3/15) and live in Cincinnati. Dr. Hoffman's office is where I had all of the fertility work done, and they are great.
Depending on how long you're willing to wait to start your journey, we could talk.


kelly buffington said...

Jen, can you send me an email? we were going to start around Late spring early summer.
i dont know how to write you back, so hopefully you ready this!