Friday, October 24, 2008

Time Flys By....

It does! I am serious! I am getting way into this surrogacy thing. I am ready. I am purchasing a papsan swing today and slowly buying little things that I might use for my new little great neice. That way I can use them for my child! Good idea huh? Well speaking of surrogacy and baby names, and all that mumbo.... I have found some great people and some great support through this short journey so far. I cannot wait to pick someone that might be in my life and my child life forever and for them to be there and receive pictures.... and I am rambling... hahah
here are a couple names I have picked out.
Gabrielle for a female, I know its long, but Gabrielle Elizabeth. I love the name Gabrielle, I am half latin, so it fits. Elizabeth after my Grandmother, Godspeed. I miss her terribly! I feel she is sending me an angel. She truly is my guardian angel.
I also like Stella if there are twin girls! hahah
Blaine is the male name, Blaine Robert or Blaine MCClelland. After Bobby and His dad/Grandpa.
I gotta figure out a great lawyer here in Cincinnati, OHIO! haha ok enough of the update...keep in touch..


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MJ said...

check out this agency

The owner is cincy based and her name is Lisa. She is fabulous and can help you every step of the way!

This is who my IM went through, and how she found me :)

There's a great lawyer in cincy, but for the life of me I cannot thing of her name. I will tho, and send it to you. She works w/ surrogates ALL THE TIME...she's fab!