Monday, December 15, 2008

A Match?

So for all my followers, and bloggers.I may have found my match. I didnt want to let my cat out the bag too soon, but there it is.I can't keep a secret that well. It is just way too big of a secret.
Anyways she is seeming to be a pretty awesome person. Not only is her family gorgeous, she is sweet & compassionate. She seems like she really wants to do this for me. I absolutely love her. We have agreed to meet in person after the holidays. Maybe she is my Xmas present? lol
Now, since I know she is there and we have agreed on everything, we are waiting for the insurance to check out. I am praying the hardest I have ever prayed, and hoping that her insurance will cover the pregnancy.

You know, I have been tested in some weird ways, this being one of them. It kinda questions me about God. I am still trying to stay strong for him. I have a lot to be sad about for this past year, and a lot to be thankful for in 2009. So lets hope it starts off good, and I get those 2 houses sold so Bobby and I can move on to get some eggs frozen!

Anywho... Thats the news for now. I will be researching some lawyers here soon.

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Chad and Shantay said...

Very Cute picture! Congrats on the possible match... You have been through a lot and am praying also that things line up for you in every possible way!