Friday, November 14, 2008

~~~!!!SuPeR DuPeR ExCiTeD!!!!~~~

OK. So I get to go meet "S" tonight! I stay the night there since it is a 4 hour drive. I am as I said above "super duper" excited. I can not wait to be a little bit more educated on surrogacy.

In the "dream world" it has been interesting. The other night I dreamt that I had interviewed 3 surrogate moms. I implanted them all with embryos and myself as well (which I would not do because of health problems). One of the surrogates got preggo with twin boys, One got preggos with twin girls, I had a boy and the other had a girl. So here I was stuck with 6 babies all within weeks of each other. My, my, my... what a dream...

It seems when I get a rool on things, I am on the train for real.

Another note... I have started (finally) going through some old pictures of Grandma and Grandpa and realizing the holidays are coming up and I am getting a little depressed. I miss them terribly and dont think the holidays are going to get any better. Any suggestions? I have been thinking about them a lot now. My dad is getting super depressed which is weird. I dont really know the right way to comfort him. We are just now getting closer after the big breakdown of me telling him that he cant live off other people for the rest of his life.

He is doing better and I am proud of him, but he has not made the milestone of him growing up just yet.

My cat is getting ready to go to the pooper or something. She will not get nice. Any suggestions on her? To at least calm her down? She is a spaz and must be bipolar. One minute she is purring and the next she is biting and clawing. I mean drawing blood! I cant live with it anymore.. My arms are horrible!

Loves! Thanks for keeping up and comment~!~!


Chad and Shantay said...

I am so excited about your meeting also... I have my 1st meeting with a potiention IP Saturday. I have your blog marked on mine.... Mark mine and we can keep in touch of each other's updates!


Sherry said...


I have been following your journey since you responded to my ad on SMO. How did your meeting go?

Sherry :-)

SurroMommy said...

Hey! It's Lib from Midwestsurrogacy. I was just checking in to see how the meeting went with S!