Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Finally a fun blog... I love babies of all sorts. Guess what? We have new little kittens. 3 days old. Even though one we found passed away, she looked a little deformed, so it might have been better for her. There are 5 boys! 2 black, 2 gray and white tabby, and 1 brown/black tabby. 1 female white and black. she has spots. I think I will call her moo. lol. This is my mother in laws cat. I am going to get her fixed, keep one of the gray kitties. I need a really cool name. I love astrology names and greek names. Give me some.. I am thinking "Leo"...so cute. Anywho...

I want to meet up with a couple people and discuss some insurance plans and such. I have called around to Llyods of London to check on those. I have found a few women I am interviewing. Hopefully we will be well and ready to start in March or so! WHAT AN AWESOME birthday present that would be...


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