Sunday, November 16, 2008

Meeting Schmeeting. Whatever. :-(

You know...This "meeting" with "S" Did not happen. I am really upset that someone would act unprofessional. Especially when they are getting paid as much as they are. You can say I am a little bitter. I think I have a right to be when someone cancels on you 2 hours before you are supposed to leave on a 4 hour trip... All meetings were cancelled for the day and I made time for this woman in my busy schedule and look what happens.

I dont know whether I should be understanding or not. I scheduled with her, and made sure NOTHING was planned for her A MONTH AGO. I told her if there was anything getting in the way, we would go for another weekend. Now I am pretty much booked with insurance quotes, my medical job, my modeling job, and family photography that needs to be done...

So there will be no meetings unless it is local or within an hour or two away now. Fun Times.

So here is the reason. This womans daughters birthday party got scheduled for Saturday (yesterday), no big deal. We were going to work around it. I love kids. BUT I get an email, 2 hours before I am to leave stating that she (her daughter) wanted to go to the movies with her grandpa which I guess never gets time around her birthday to hang out... The movies? Thats why you cancel a multi-thousand dollar deal? Why not let him take her to the movies and you keep the promise you made me? Oh I guess I dont matter? I dont know...

Sorry for ranting.

Posted above is the cutest picture ever of Chloe and her nephew "Max". I think they were watching Family Guy. hahah

Thank you all for your sincerity. It means a lot to me. Also, If you know someone that might work for me, let me know... I want to stay on the lower side of the pay scale. I have someone from Muncie, IN I am talking with and seeing if we can weasel something out there. She seems like she is a genuine great down to earth person!

Wish me luck! Now taking applications... lol


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Chad and Shantay said...

Hey, again I am sorry for the way that day turned out. I have to agree with you. As a GS, I cleared my schedule and made sure nothing got in the way of meeting my IP's. It wasn't very nice of her to cancel on you for that reason, IMO. {{hugs}}

If you are still looking around, I know of a gal who is from Francesville, In. email me if you are interested in who...